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Tuxedo shirts are a special type among shirts.

What distinguishes the tuxedo shirts from traditional
shirts is the position of the collar and the elaboration of the bust. It is characterized by the fact that
the ends of the stationary collar are inclined at an angle. Tuxedo shirts are styled with a double
cufflinks, which comes in a stainless steel, precious, silver or gold cufflink. The buttonless version of
the chest can be equipped with specially designed decorative buttons. The color of the tuxedo shirts
are most commonly off- white, which fits the black tuxedos. In the case of colored tuxedos, the color
of the shirt harmonizes with the color of the tuxedo. A tuxedo shirt can only be worn with a bow tie.
A tuxedo shirt can be worn with a Spanish belt (but not a compulsory accessorie), matching the color
of the bow tie in material and color, with the lapels facing upwards. Another complimentary option is
to wear a decorative handkerchief which not only matches the shirt but could also the tie in colour
and material.


Tuxedo shirt types


Bib front tuxedo shirt

  • Composition: 50% cotton, 50% viscose
  • Cleaning: easy to manage, washable in

The bib front shirt has parallel folds sewn to the chest to give a pretty elegant look to the outfit. We
recommens it for special occasions, such as weddings, corporate appearances.



Ruffled front tuxedo shirt


  • 3-3 row decoarted with ribbon
  • Composition: 50% cotton, 50% viscose
  • Cleaning: easy to manage, washable in

The ruffled front tuxedo shirt has parallel ruffles on the chest, which gives the outfit a very elegant
overall look. We recommend it for special occasions, weddings, corporate appearances.


  • hidden buttoning
  • white and off-white
  • Doubled collar tuxedo shirt

On the decorative collar, there is another, smaller collar sewn
on top, which makes the collar look unique. We recommend this tuxedo shirt for special occasions,
weddings and corporate appearances.