Tuxedo ties and accessories
Tuxedo ties – special ties – bow ties – ascot
Ties – special ties – bow ties – ascot

Bow ties are essential part of a tuxedo outfit. The more demanding men tie them by themselves – in
every group there could be someone with a good eye for details, and who sees the difference
between a hand tied bow and an already pre-tied bow. This accessory’s most common and
traditional colour is black, however the colour of burgundy, dark geren, etc. are absolutely
acceptable. (Waiters/Waitresses who wear tuxedos have white bow tie.) The deocarative

handkerchiefs have to match the colour of the tie. The spanish belt is also an accessory that often
compliments the bow tie with occasional clothings.

Decorative handkerchiefs
Our appearance could be more volumanized with handkerchiefs. It is important to know that
handkerchiefs must match with the colour of the tie or the shirt so it has harmony. In no case do we
recommend the same design shirt and tie (of course, the expectation is the snow-white and white
decorative handkerchief compilation ), it is more expedient to strive to tie and tie our handkerchiefs
should be in harmony with each other, both in material and pattern.
Decorative cuff – cufflinks
The cufflinks – this a favourite of all time – are a basic accessory in elegant menswear. It is more and
more an expectation for an elegant ment o have a double cuffed shirt. As we wear it, the cufflink is
playing n increasingly important role, being worn by leading politicians, public figures, artists and
ordinarí people alike. In this case too, the range of types is inexhaustible, only the imagination limits
the possibilities. Tuxedo shirts are styled with double cuffs, which feature a stainless steel, precious,
silver or gold cufflink.


Our accessories also include braces with which you can the only requirement is that you have to
match the colour you wear because it shines underneath the clothes so it is a close part of sight.