1How long does a tuxedo renting lasts?
normally 2-3 days, in case of need could be more
2Can I rent a tuxedo for an immediate take-away?
It is possible, however only if the only item to be altered is the trouser in length. In this case within a few hours You can take your tuxedo. On the other hand if there is a need for a whole alteration then it will take 2-3 days to get your tuxedo ready.
3How many times do I need to go to the salon before I get my tuxedo?
4How far ahead do I have to book my tuxedo in case of events (wedding, ball, etc.) ?
1-2 weeks before
5Can I rent accessories for a tuxedo that has not been rented from you?
Of course, it is possible. Rental accessories are spanish belt, bow tie, cufflinks
6Are you able to alter a tuxedo that has been bought somewhere else?
7Am I only able to try on a tuxedo before I book an appointment?
Yes. Please give us the best time that fits your schedule for a fitting on our rental platfrom.
8What are consequences of a rented tuxedo that has suffered stain or damages?
To recover the damages we will be using the deposit money. The deposit is only payed backed in a 100% if the rented tuxedo is in a perfect shape without any damages.
9Is it possible to take photos at the salon?
Yes, you can take photos
10Is it possible to buy the already rented tuxedo (If I grow fond of it)?
It is absolutely possible to do so, and you will be able to enjoy a 20% discount on the tuxedo.
11Is it possible to rent a tuxedo shirt?
No, because it counts as underwear. In case of need it is possible to purchase a tuxedo shirt at the showroom.
12Is it my responsibilty to clean-dry my tuxedo?
No, the cleaning of the tuxedo is already included in the price.
13What kind of accessories am I able to rent during my tuxedo purchase?
- Spanish belt - bow tie - cufflinks - vest
14What kind of accessories am I able to buy in case of need during my tuxedo purchase?
- Spanish belt - bow tie - cufflinks - vest and shoes