Bálok és Gálaestek Budapesten - 2020.

Lions Ball

Budapest Stefánia Palace
Lions Clubs Hungarian Organization’s yearly event
Széchenyi Ball

Pesti Vigadó
–a four course banquet, including Hungaricums, is prepared with the utmost attention by master chefs. For each course there are suitable wine selection that you can sample carefully.
The 100-member Gypsy Orchestra and the Birds will be performing during the merry party.
Golden Ball

Pesti Vigadó
Once a year, the Pesti Vigadó Hall has a feestive decoration for the benefit of BDZ and it’s guests. The chiars are replaced by rotary tables, the stage is placed in front of the folding box and a dance floor is added. The panoramic corridor is filled with regal food, gorgeous noodles and irresistible cakes. The hallways and the haéé have floral arragements, cozy lighting and the whole building is filled with music.
Ship Ball

Budapest, Duna Event
„We are going out on the water with the Wikings, although the season is far from over, so we can say goodbye to winter together with our friends and boatmates at the 2nd Danube Boat Ball this year.”
Hungarian Wine Ball
In the spirit of Valentine’s day
Corinthia Hotel Budapest
Hungarian business, cultural and diplomatic life, th best Hungarian winemakers are also represented at the event.
The traditional five-course dinner is composed by chefs from three elite restaurants for a special wine line. Performances by knowned performers, 100 wines, gastronomic specialties and, of course, the ball will be hossted by Nóra Ördög.
Lawyer Ball

Hilton Budapest
In the heart of the World Heritage Buda Castle District, an exclusive environment awaits our visitors, who can admire the breathtaking view of the Danube.
Russian Ball
In the spirit of Women's
Budapest Marriott Hotel Ballroom

after the opening dance Gala Dinner, which is dominated by the flavors of traditional Russian cuisine. The Moscow artists' show is followed by a dance of the guests until dawn.

The 195th Anna Ball will be held in Balatonfüred. The Anna Ball of Balatonfüred is a historical event, one of the oldest ball in the country. In its atmosphere and traditions it revives one of the richest periods of bourgeois Hungary in the Reform Age. The highlight of the ball is the election of the ball queen and her court ladies after midnight. On the Vitorlás Square in front of the harbor you can enjoy a street ball.
New Years Eve Ball
“Time to Fascinate”

“Time to Fascinate”
According to the motto “Time to Fascinate”, we have another impressive ball programme in store for you on 31 December 2020, brimming with countless highlights in the Hofburg. Savour the culinary delights that await at the four-course gala dinner, the Viennese coffeehouse, the chill-out lounge and the various New Year’s buffets and bars and be prepared for exciting attractions as well as national and international artists and uniquely talented dancers wearing exclusive ART for ART costumes.
budapest szmoking tuxedo bal

What is the dressing etiquette on these type of occasions?

One of the most important rules is that according to the ball etiquette and the rules of dresscodes - according to the habits and traditions of a given ball - choose clothes that harmonize with the personality of the wearer. It is also important for couples to match their ball gown.

Why borrrow?

It is worth to rent an occasion clothing(ladies mainly evening and evening dresses, gentlemen a tuxedo, tailcoat, jacket).

- To rent is cheaper than buying one.
- No need to bother with cleaning
- She doesn't take up space in her closet
- It can always look impeccable because borrowed clothes are always tailored.

If you are buying clothes, you should choose classic colors and simpler lining, so that you can wear it with other accessories next season.

Dress Code

White tie:
This dress code term is used in invitations to the most elegant events: it requires the gentlemen to wear a tailcoat. Accessories include a black cylinder, a deep cut white pique vest, a white button- down hidden button down shirt, cufflinks, a hand-knit white bow tie and black shiners shoes and a white decorative handkerchief. It requires ladies to wear evening gowns.
It is recommended to wear long gloves). In terms of jewelry, hairstyle and makeup, simplicity and elegance should be followed. It is mandatory for gentlemen to wear black tuxedos at such events.
Black tie:
Accessories: Black bow tie, double cuffed shirt, preferably with decorative buttons, white decorative handkerchief, black Spanish belt and leather or lace-up shoes are the expected companion. Ladies are expected to have a sleeveless evening dress that fits a stole perfectly, but gloves do not have to be worn. Cocktail dresses are also conceivable, depending on how elegant or formal the event is.

Black tie optional:
Men are not expected to wear a tuxedo, but can be replaced with an elegant black suit, a white shirt and a black long tie, and ladies can wear a less festive dress (evening dress or cocktail dress).

Creative black tie:
It is a youthful innovation of the classic tuxedo look. It can be either a black or darker shirts to replace the white, or pairing knitwear such as a turtleneck or a cashmere t-shirt with a tuxedo. Ladies can wear cocktail dresses or even two piece suits made of quality material.