SINCE 1923

Why Choose Our Company?

1. A traditional company with a multi-generational past
2. Experienced professional team
3. Contemporary tecnology and quality control
4. Complex services – we also handle unique requests
5. Special machines, quality aids and materials
6. Dowtown business, extended weekday hours and open on weekends as well

Fitting Suit to Model
Tailor man working in his tailor shop

Our company

Our company is not only engaged in renting and selling tuxedos, tailcoats, morning coats and redingots, but we also alter the jackets for You in order not to be too long or wide for the important occasion. You will find everything in one place, we can assure you with shirts, vests, cufflink, occasional shoes and with a full team of professionals to help you choose the right accessories and suit for your body type.
In case you would like to make any kind of custom made suit with our master tailors please visit our website for more information as everyone is different but we have a solution for everything!
Tailor cutting fabric with large scissors